Tara Brugnoni, D Litt

Director, Community Rights and Responsibilities
Office of Student Affairs
Phone: 201.559.3082
Email: brugnonit@felician.edu

Fields of Interest/Expertise:

My greatest strengths are in writing as well as the arts and humanities. First, I have always thought of writing as the vehicle in which all abstractions are manifested. The ability to communicate effectively through all modes of writing allows one to be a true intellectual and creates opportunities for others to share in the writer’s world. The arts and humanities express the essence of life. They touch upon the very soul of humanity and highlight its commonality. I thus strive in my teaching to create an atmosphere in which students explore life’s crucial topics through writing and creatively express themselves through the arts and humanities.

Academic Accomplishments:
  • D Litt, Candidate, Drew University
  • MA, Elementary Education, Felician College
  • BA, Elementary Education, Felician College
Courses Taught at Felician University:
  • ENG 001 Developmental Writing 1
  • ENG 002 Developmental Writing 2
  • ENG 005 Developmental Reading
  • ENG 101 Writing the College Essay
  • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature
  • CORE 300 Journey to selfhood (Adult Fast Track and Undergraduate)