School of Education

Inspiring lifelong educational journeys.

The School of Education is built upon Felician’s love for learning and is guided by caring and experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to the world’s most powerful tool: education.

In an effort to positively influence our global community and the world of education, we prepare compassionate, skilled, and dedicated teachers with an understanding of the diverse needs of learners. We strive to help you advance your career by preparing you with the knowledge needed to work in a dynamic range of educational settings.

All of our programs are nationally accredited and state-approved, with coursework that respectively satisfies the New Jersey Department of Education’s requirements for endorsement and certification. We prepare you with everything needed to achieve state certification.

Our clinically rich programs offer experiential learning models that prepare you for an impactful career. The most beneficial element you will experience, however, may be the community of dedicated educators and students who will help you accomplish your goals, earn your degree, and advance your career.