Institutional Review Board

Mission Statement

The mission of Felician University’s Institutional Review Board is to protect human participants in research, studies, and projects by the faculty, staff, and students associated with the University or administered on campus by external researchers. In accordance with the University’s mission, the Felician Institutional Review Board promotes meaningful research that fulfills the criteria of the scientific method, complies with federal regulations regarding protection of human subjects and reflects the value of respect for human dignity.

Statement of Ethical Principles

The decision to undertake research rests upon a considered judgment by the individual researcher about how best to contribute to both human welfare and to science. Having made the decision to conduct research, the researcher considers alternative directions in which the research activities and resources might be invested. Based on this consideration, the researcher carries out the investigation with respect and concern for the dignity and welfare of the people who participate in it, cognizant of the federal and state regulations as well as the professional standards governing the conduct of research with human subjects.

The Institutional Review Board of Felician University supports research that complies with the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects. In accordance with the University’s Catholic and Franciscan identity, the Institutional Review Board promotes research that reflects Catholic ethical principles and fosters the institution’s vision and values.

Authority and Responsibility of Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, designated by the President of the University for Institutional Review Board matters. The Institutional Review Board has the authority to approve research conducted at Felician University by its faculty and students as well as by external researchers. The decision is predicated upon a careful review of the research process, assurance of the ethical administration of it, and commitment to the fair use of the data as expressed in the submitted application. It is the principal investigator’s responsibility to seek the Felician University’s Institutional Review Board’s approval of the intended research before the investigation begins.

In order to obtain further information, feel free to contact:


Felician University’s Institutional Review Board members’ professional competence assures complete and adequate review of all research activities commonly conducted at the Institution. The Institutional Review Board is comprised of six members:

  • John C. Burke, PhD – Education
  • Marie Cueman, PhD, RN – Nursing
  • Amy Dombach, MA – Psychology
  • Gina Robertiello, PhD – Criminal Justice
  • Michael Sanford, PhD – Mathematics
  • David Turi, PhD – Business
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