Initial Teacher Licensure Preparation Programs

At Felician, you will earn your Bachelor of Arts and become prepared for dual licensure in only four years. Most schools offer five- or six-year programs to prepare students for just one license, but The Felician Way means striving to produce the most well-rounded and qualified educators. You will prepare for licensure in a General Education area and in Special Education, making you much more marketable to schools looking to hire new teachers. You’ll also get started in the classroom as soon as you begin the program.

All of our programs are nationally accredited and state-approved, with coursework that respectively satisfies the New Jersey Department of Education’s requirements for endorsement and certification. While Felician cannot grant certification, we prepare you with everything needed to achieve state certification. Once you complete your program, we recommend you to the New Jersey Department of Education as a perfect candidate for a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing in your specific area, at which point the state reviews your candidacy and can issue a certificate.

We offer four Bachelor of Arts in Education licensure preparation programs:
You will be able to further expand your knowledge by choosing a co-major in one of the six following areas:
Clinical Practice

During your senior year, you will engage in Clinical Practice. During Clinical I, you will work in a classroom two days a week, and during Clinical II, you will work five days a week–full time! There is no better way to learn than by doing, which is why Felician’s take on experiential learning is what makes our programs cutting-edge.

Praxis Prep

In order to begin teaching in classrooms and continue in the Education program, most students must take the Praxis exam, which demonstrates the needed knowledge for teaching in various subject areas. Some students may be exempt depending on their SAT and/or ACT scores. But, if you do have to take the exam, we won’t leave you hanging. Our programs are uniquely designed to prepare you for Praxis success. We also offer plenty of resources and provide accommodation options for those in need. At Felician, you’re not on your own. We help you every step of the way.

  • Courses in Praxis review
  • Online or in-person tutoring
  • “Praxis secrets” library
EdTPA Assessment

The state of New Jersey now also requires licensure candidates to complete a performance-based, subject-specific assessment. Your ability to plan, instruct, and assess are evaluated. Our program coursework is designed to prepare you to successfully pass this assessment and earn your license.

  • Create a mini portfolio in your seminar course
  • Guided mentorship with an instructor and clinical supervisor
  • Helpful and cooperative host teachers (for student teaching)

Why wait to begin teaching? Enroll in Felician’s Education programs to begin teaching right away. You’ll get the chance to impact today’s youth and inspire a better tomorrow.

*All teacher candidates must select a co-major, have a 3.0 GPA, and must successfully pass the Praxis Core examination prior to the completion of Transition into Teaching course.
*All teacher candidates must take and pass all required Praxis II Licensure examinations prior to student teaching. In accordance with the NJDOE regulations, all student teachers must complete a full year student teaching internship and successfully pass the Pearson edTPA to be issued licensure at the time of program completion.