Early Childhood & Special Education (P-3/Teacher of Students with Disabilities)

Translate your love of learning into a tool to inspire young minds and explore how Felician prepares you for a rewarding career as a teacher. This program will prepare you for initial teacher licensure in the State of New Jersey in two different, specialized areas: Early Childhood and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. You’ll discover how to create learning environments that are inclusive and benefit both young and uniquely-abled students. You’ll also learn teaching philosophies according to local, state, and national trends, as well as how to utilize culturally responsive practices.

We offer four Bachelor of Arts in Education licensure preparation programs:

You will be able to further expand your knowledge by choosing a co-major in one of the six following areas:

As early as your first year, you’ll be observing students in the classroom, developing lesson plans, and eventually, teaching the students yourself. You’ll be placed in both general and special education settings, gaining a profound and compassionate understanding of the varied ways in which different individuals learn.

You can complete this program within four years through either a traditional, cohort, or working adult model in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Education guidelines.