Professor Ard Berge

Associate Professor
Art Department
Room 306, Albin Obal Hall, Lodi
Phone: 201.559.6157
Positions Held
  • Associate Professor of Art. Fall 2008-present.
  • Chair of the Department of Art and Music. Fall 2005-Spring 2008
  • Assistant Professor of Art. Fall 2004-Spring 2008
  • Half-time Faculty. Fall 1999-Spring 2004
Academic Accomplishments
  • Master of Fine Arts in Painting. The New York Academy of Art, New York, NY. 1997
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking with an Art history minor. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Cum Laude graduate. 1995
  • David Klass Workshop, New York, NY. Ecorché of the Horse-Animal Anatomy. 2011
  • Water Street Atelier, Brooklyn, NY. Private study in drawing and painting with Jacob Collins and Michael Grimaldi. 1998-2000
  • Patrick Devonas Studio, New York, NY. Drawing workshop with Patrick Devonas. 1997
  • Centro Lorenzo de’ Medici/ L’Istituto d’Arte di Firenze, Florence, Italy. Courses in painting and drawing with Rose Shakinovsky, Claire Gavronsky, Elise Schonhowd; Romanesque through
  • Renaissance art history; Italian. 1993, 1994
Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

My work explores the American experience through paintings that depict its diverse landscapes and people. Created from life, these images endeavor to capture the awesome natural beauty of the United States and the character of its population while also reflecting upon the social, cultural, and historical forces that have shaped this nation.

Courses Taught at Felician University
  • Advanced Drawing/ART 280
  • Art History I: Paleolithic to Medieval/ART 151
  • Art History II: Renaissance to Impressionism/ART 152
  • Basic Drawing and Composition/ART 101
  • Color Theory/ ART 382 (designed and introduced into the curriculum)
  • Drawing and Painting the Landscape/ART 131 (designed and introduced into the curriculum)
  • Illustration/ART 241
  • Life Drawing/ART 281 (designed and introduced into the curriculum)
  • Modern and Contemporary Art History/ ART 360
  • Painting I/ART 272
  • Painting II/ART 331
  • Portraiture/ART 132 (designed and introduced into the curriculum)
  • Senior Seminar I—Fine Arts Concentration/ ART 449
  • Senior Seminar II—Fine Arts Concentration/ ART 450
  • Watercolor/ART 333