Dr. Irfan Khawaja

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Pre-Law Adviser

Kirby Hall 320
Phone: 201.559.6288
Email: KhawajaI@felician.edu

Positions Held
  • Associate Professor, Felician University
  • Assistant Professor, Felician University
  • Adjunct Instructor, The College of New Jersey
  • Lecturer, Princeton University
  • Substitute Full-Time Instructor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Al Quds University (Abu Dis, Palestine)
Academic Accomplishments
  • Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame (2008)
  • M.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame (2002)
  • B.A. Politics, Princeton University (1991)
Field(s) of Interest/Expertise
  • Moral philosophy
  • Political philosophy
Courses Taught at Felician University
  • CRIM 452 Career Internship in Criminal Justice
  • FYE 100/101 First Year Experience I & II
  • PHIL 100 The Art & Practice of Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (plus Honors sections)
  • PHIL 250 Making Moral Decisions (plus Honors sections)
  • PHIL 260 Philosophy of Art
  • PHIL 301 Moral Philosophy
  • PHIL 304 Epistemology: Theories of Knowledge
  • PHIL/PSCI 305 Ancient & Medieval Political Thought
  • PHIL/PSCI 306 Modern Political Thought
  • PHIL 320 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL/CRIM 380 Philosophical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • PHIL 420 Islam and the West: Conflict and Encounter
  • PHIL 445 Philosophical Research Method
  • PHIL 450 Senior Seminar
  • PSCI 303 International Relations: The Politics of War and Peace
  • “Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North and the Pathologies of Moral Philosophy,”
  • In Robert D. Anderson, Molly Brigid Flynn, and J. Scott Lee, ed., Engaging Worlds: Core Texts and Cultural Contexts (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2016), pp. 169-75.
  • “Religious Indoctrination and the Wish for the Irrevocable,”
    in Peter Caws and Stefani Jones ed., Religious Upbringing and the Costs of Freedom (University Park, PA: Penn State University Press, 2010), pp. 27-49.
  • ” ‘Why They Hate Us’: A Pedagogical Proposal,”
  • In Yvonne Raley and Gerhard Preyer ed., Philosophy of Education in the Era of Globalization (New York: Routledge, 2010), pp. 91-109.
  • Gary Alan Fine and Irfan Khawaja, “Celebrating Arabs and Kindly Terrorists: Rumor and the Politics of Plausibility,”
  • In G.A. Fine, C. Heath, and V. Campion-Vincent, Rumor Mills: The Social Impact of Rumor and Legend (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2005), pp. 189-206.
  • Kelly Heyboer, “Were Muslims celebrating on 9/11? Here’s what one professor found,”
  • Star Ledger (interview), November 27, 2015. Link: https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/11/trump_claim_of_muslims_celebrating_in_nj_on_911_is.html