Healthcare Administration

The healthcare system has reached a crucial point in its evolution: it utilizes highly advanced technology to improve patient care, but it also emphasizes providing patients with a compassionate and personal experience. For that reason, dynamic, caring, and innovative professionals are sought after to assume roles on the business side of healthcare.

As one of the few universities in New Jersey to offer a Healthcare Administration program, Felician has designed a unique curriculum that is guaranteed to prepare you for success in the healthcare system itself or within other industries that influence the healthcare system.

Because Felician has one of the top Nursing Schools in the nation, the School of Business has been able to communicate with top healthcare professionals and built this program with a keen understanding of what the future of the healthcare system will need in order to thrive. As you take courses in healthcare policy, human resources, business ethics, economics, healthcare information systems, law, and more, you’ll become knowledgeable and equipped to handle real-life situations.

This degree will help you stand out in the job market, because the skills you will develop–critical thinking, ethical decision making, organization, leadership abilities, etc.–are all very marketable and highly sought after by employers.Toward the end of the program, you will develop a portfolio displaying these professional competencies.

Help transition the world of healthcare into the future The Felician Way.

Required Courses  
Career Opportunities

Explore some of these careers to see where a Healthcare Administration degree from Felician can take you.

  • Hospital Chief Executive Officer
  • Hospital Chief Financial Officer
  • Clinic Administrator
  • Health Insurance Specialist
  • Health Information Manager
  • Healthcare Program Director
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Consultant
  • Healthcare Policy Specialist
  • Human Resource Manager