Corporate Entrepreneurship

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Innovate and Strategize in Today’s Corporate World

It’s time to re imagine the way to success. Today’s dynamic business environment forces leaders and creators to think and react quickly to situations that are risky, challenging, and yet, have the potential to drive results and transform the way we do business. Corporate entrepreneurship functions within existing businesses and capitalizes on the power of entrepreneurial thinking to catalyze change and growth, improve revenues, and streamline processes by creating new products or services, or, sometimes, creating a new business altogether.

Corporate entrepreneurship is altering the way corporations operate from the inside out. It provides an outlet for large companies to avoid stagnancy and stay abreast of the developing trends of the 21st century. By getting a Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship from Felician University, you will develop the tools to think like an entrepreneur, allowing you to transform businesses and even create your own start-up. These kinds of skills and abilities are highly sought after in today’s job market, giving you a competitive edge that will advance your career.

Why Corporate Entrepreneurship at Felician University?

Cultivating entrepreneurial skills that bring change to static companies will help you build your résumé and stand out in the job market. Felician University has enlisted industry experts to design a curriculum that is guaranteed to provide you with a skillset and mindset capable of working within any industry. At Felician, you will learn how to build and operate start-ups, understand profit and loss sheets, balance statements, and cash flow statements, and even learn how to pitch your idea in the real world. This certificate program will prepare you to spark positive change within existing companies, taking their success–and yours–to a whole new level.

Who Should Take This Certificate Program?
  • Students in degree completion programs looking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, satisfy requirements, and enhance their résumés
  • Professionals interested in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Anybody interested in advancing their career with entrepreneurial skills
Program Highlights
  • Felician students may apply this certificate towards their MBA
  • This program is 100% online
  • Learn leadership skills and design thinking techniques
Careers in Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneur
  • Venture Partner
  • Investment Advisor
  • Consultant
  • CEO
  • Account Manager
  • Higher Education
  • Regional Director
  • Corporate Development Director
  • Start-up Incubation
Curriculum Overview
  • Startup Operations for Entrepreneurs
  • Presentation Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation and Adaptation
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadershipg
Program Contact Information

Deirdre Christofalo, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business
Email | 201.559.3326
Martin Hall
Rutherford Campus