Supply Chain Management

Successfully Strategize in Today’s Globalized Market

Optimal performance of an organization’s supply chain is crucial for success in any industry, and organizations around the world are currently seeking the most qualified managers to ensure their success. Managing supply chains for optimal performance means strategizing in the dynamic, worldwide marketplace to navigate intricate systems and logistics. Optimal supply chain management refines a business’s processes all the way from planning to execution; from the attainment of raw materials to the production of a product and its delivery to consumers.

Supply chain management has proven itself as critical in the ever-changing business environment, and marketplace employers want people who are equipped to handle challenges. Getting a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from Felician University will help you stand out in the job market as a leader with knowledge and experience. From making critical problem-solving decisions to negotiating quality standards, Felician can help you advance your career in today’s competitive and global job market.

Why Supply Chain Management at Felician University?

Developing supply chain management skills that are imperative for an organization’s success will help you build your résumé and enhance your marketability. Felician University has enlisted industry experts to design a curriculum guaranteed to provide you with the knowledge to strategize and manage supply chains. At Felician, you will learn how to lead end-to-end global supply chain efforts and how to streamline operations across functions and departments, ensuring that you positively impact productivity and profits. This certificate program will enable you to effectively and confidently manage complex networks within globalized supply chains.

Who Should Take This Certificate Program?

  • Students in degree completion programs looking to build marketing knowledge, satisfy requirements, and enhance their résumés
  • Professionals interested in developing skills to manage supply chains
  • Anybody interested in advancing their career with supply chain management capabilities

Program Highlights

  • Felician students may apply this certificate towards a B.S. in Management or Bachelor of Professional Studies
  • A Certificate in Supply Chain Management provides eligibility to sit for the CPIM exam
  • This program is 100% online
  • Learn management strategy and problem-solving techniques to stand out in the competitive job market
  • Apply the courses in this program towards your degree completion program

Careers in Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • Logistics Manager
  • Information Technology
  • Product Inventory Manager
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Quality Assurance
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Industrial Productions Manager

Curriculum Overview

  • Introduction to Materials Management
  • Introduction to Continuous Improvement Methodologies
  • Project and Program Management
  • Production and Operations Management

Program Contact Information

Deirdre Christofalo, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business
Email | 201.559.3326
Martin Hall
Rutherford Campus