How to Pay for Felician

Don’t let the cost of a private university education keep you from applying.

100% of our accepted first-year students receive some type of scholarship or grant award, so don’t rule out a private school education before exploring all the available sources of funding. Every student who is admitted is automatically considered for our merit-based scholarships ranging in value from $3,000 to $30,500.

You will receive an award letter stating the financial aid amount offered to you, which may consist of a combination of grants, scholarships, loans and student employment. Complete the following steps to secure your financial aid:
  1. Determine the amount of cash available to you. Cash payment minimizes the amount of borrowing. This is the least expensive way to finance your education.
  2. Determine the cost not covered by scholarships or students loans. There are three options to pay your estimated annual balance.
    • Place as much as possible on the 10-month interest free payment plan (see our Payment Plan).
    • Consider borrowing through the Parent PLUS Loan or Student Alternative Loan programs to cover the remainder.
    • You may also consider borrowing funds against home equity, investments, a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA), etc.
  3. Extenuating circumstances – if you and your family experience a sudden or unusual change in circumstances (e.g. loss of income) or are denied a Parent PLUS Loan and a Student Alternative Loan, please contact the Financial Aid Office regarding consideration of these circumstances.