Social Media Policy


Felician University embraces the positive results that the use of social media can have when used responsibly as a tool for communication and free expression. The University utilizes various social media accounts to build and sustain relationships with both current and prospective students, University employees, alumni, and the extended community.

The following policy is to help all University members, third parties (including agencies and consultants), University affiliates, and volunteers determine the best way to utilize both Felician’s social media accounts and personal accounts in a way that facilitates learning and promotes free expression.

This policy applies to all social media accounts and postings appearing both on University sites and accounts and non-institutional sites and accounts that are representative of Felician University. The laws of conduct guiding behavior and interactions that apply on-campus are equally applicable online. Professional expectations are to be upheld when posting and engaging with Felician University students, alumni, employees, and other community members.

Definition of Social Media

For the purpose of this policy, “Social Media” refers to all forms of online accounts, mediums, and tools that Felician University and its affiliates (including but not limited to students, employees, alumni, consultants, and agencies) use to communicate with others. Communication of ideas, beliefs, information, and other content in various forms (including but not limited to blogs, commentary, videos, and pictures)  posted to all social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest are all considered social media postings.

Policy and Best Practices for Posting and All Forms of Social Media Engagement on Behalf of Felician University

This policy applies to the use of social media in all forms on behalf of Felician University, including both departmental and individual use for employees whose job requirements demand such use. Those whose job duties do not require the use of social media but who wish to nonetheless create accounts or engage on social media on behalf of the University must first coordinate with the Marketing Department for approval to do so.

  • Use of Felician University’s Name and Logo

As the sole intellectual property of the University, “Felician University” is a registered trademark and cannot be used in any way to promote products, causes, political beliefs, or commercial partners. Felician’s name, logo, seal, images, slogans, and other unregistered identifiers of the University should be used only by Felician University employees, students, and alumni in accordance with this policy, and by consultants and affiliates with the approval of the Marketing Department. All branding guidelines set forth by the University must be adhered to.

  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Protection of Property

Adhere to all University, NCAA, and federal laws and policies regarding privacy and confidentiality, including both FERPA and HIPAA. No proprietary or confidential information about Felician University students, employees, or alumni should be posted to any University social media accounts or personal accounts. Those who post confidential information are liable to be disciplined by Felician University in any way the University deems appropriate, including termination of employment or expulsion of students, and every individual posting confidential information is subject to the federal and state laws mandating the use of social media.

  • Respecting Terms of Service

Each social media platform has individual Terms of Service that should be respected and adhered to. All employees, students, and alumni are liable for what they post in accordance with the host site’s Terms of Service and Felician University’s policies.

  • Remain Apolitical

Felician University’s social media accounts are not to be used to advocate any political parties or candidates, or to engage in any political activities. All posts and accounts should remain apolitical, and the expression of political opinions and political activity must only be conducted on personal accounts while making it clear that you are not representing the University in any way.

  • Safety

Be aware of suspicious activity involving any University social media accounts or personal accounts associated with any members of the University. Do not give access to any accounts or share login information, and monitor accounts closely to ensure protection. Work with the IT department to create safeguards against hackers and unauthorized users gaining access to accounts.

  • Visual Content

All photography, videos, and other visual content should be of high quality and suitable for the platform on which you are posting. Any visuals of minors who are not enrolled at Felician University cannot be posted without the written consent of a parent or guardian. Ensure that all visual content is appropriate, and remove any content including an individual who has requested its removal. Any visual content posted to Felician’s social media accounts should not contain the logos or marks of other institutions.

  • Accuracy & Monitoring

Strive for the utmost accuracy when posting to all social media accounts. Verify that all content is factual, updated, and grammatically correct. Be sure to monitor all social media accounts for the effectiveness of posts by analyzing reports and remaining engaged with all interacting users.

  • Conscious Engagement & Respect

Assume an overall attitude of respect and engage in social media interactions and postings with awareness. Social media is a useful tool for establishing community relationships, so be conscious of how you interact with others and be mindful of what accounts you are “following.” Be sure to link back to Felician’s website or news articles at every possible opportunity.

  • Delete Dormant Accounts

Maintain an updated list of all Felician social media accounts and delete those that are no longer used.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or best practices or would like further information regarding Felician’s social media accounts and/or usage, please contact the Marketing Department.