Faculty-Led Programs

Academics, travel and incredible fun!

These programs are designed specifically for Felician students by Felician faculty who specialize in the program’s subject of study. Faculty-led programs range from one to five weeks in length, usually in the summer, and you will study, live, and travel with other Felician students. You usually take the course in the spring semester and your professor serves as your leader and instructor during your summer study abroad experience.

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Countries and courses around the world!

A list of some of our study abroad courses:

Barcelona, Spain
Psychology 317 – Intercultural Communications

Seville, Spain
Course to be determined – Teacher Education

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Summer term Undergraduate business course credit

Dublin, Ireland
Graduate Business Program – credit varies by cohort

Florence, Italy
Art 275 – International Visual Studies – Photography

Jacmel, Haiti
Course to be determined – Humanities

Paris, France
French 105 – French Language and Culture

Managua, Nicaragua
Sociology 305 – Service-Learning Program

Managua, Nicaragua
Course to be determined – Nursing Course

Know before you go!

  • Tuition: Pay Felician tuition for the spring course and additional fees for the study abroad component.
  • Credit: Earn Felician University credit – your grade will be calculated into your grade point average.
  • Housing: Study abroad living arrangements may include hostels, dormitories, hotels or furnished apartments depending on the program.
  • Meals: Depending on the program, you may receive as many as two meals per day (usually breakfast and one other meal) to almost no meals if you are living in an apartment in Florence, Italy. One of the benefits to apartment living is that you will live like the locals by shopping and cooking your own food!
  • Airfare: In most circumstances airfare is not included in your study abroad program fee. If you are a U.S. citizen you generally do not need a visa to visit our host counties for short-term study abroad programs, but you will need a valid passport.