Teacher of Students with Disabilities

This program will prepare you to create a classroom setting that is inclusive, compassionate, and fosters a community of support for learners with disabilities. By learning skills and knowledge such as behavioral observation methods, evidence-based practices for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities, and ethics and professional standards, you’ll become equipped with the understanding necessary to help teach and improve the lives of uniquely-abled students.

You’ll learn how to support positive behavior, promote inclusivity, help ease the transition into adulthood, and more. You will also gain a deep knowledge of current laws and technologies that affect special education and how to design curricula in inclusive environments. Discover how to help maximize the potential of uniquely-abled learners to create and sustain independence in their lives and make meaningful gains.

Felician strives to produce leaders that will help transition the world of education into the future by integrating social awareness into innovative curricula that make the most of current technology, trends, and learning models–all of which help serve students who learn differently.