Social and Behavioral Sciences


Expand the limits of a single field of study when you opt for a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. This program is an interdisciplinary major that encompasses a broad range of fields and disciplines including sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, history, business, political science and criminal justice

Points of Interest

The major is intentionally flexible so that you, with the help of your advisor, can design a program that serves your interests or allows you to prepare for a career requiring a broad range of knowledge. The skills you acquire will also prepare you for professional programs such as social work, law and medicine.

Acquire a strong knowledge base in a focus area and develop skills in research, communication, critical thinking, analysis and interpersonal skills. Develop an understanding of individual and group behavior as you learn to analyze and address social problems in a rapidly changing world.

Develop Marketable Skills

Dynamic development. Study how people and groups grow and change over time. Learn to develop theories that adapt to shifts in culture and environment.

Professional ethics. Examine the situational ethics within organizations and groups and learn to maintain your own professional integrity when conducting research.

Data analysis. Use statistics as a jumping off point for your research, especially when attempting to analyze the financial impact of a decision or a consistent behavior.

Presentation and writing skills. Express the results of your research in articles and learn to present your findings at conferences and conventions.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. See patterns and subtle shifts in direction that emerge during research projects and learn to adapt your ideas.

Project management skills. Learn to coordinate the efforts of other researchers to compile research data effectively. Apply these skills in the corporate world to analyze the efficiency of project management tools and procedures within client organizations.

Interpersonal communication skills. Communicate across language and cultural barriers and study the impact of communication between people.

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Career Opportunities

With a BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences you may pursue a wide range of careers.

In the Field of Social Sciences:

  • Market analyst
  • Research assistant
  • Claims adjuster
  • Management trainee
  • Educational assistant
  • Academic adviser
  • Job placement specialist

In the Field of Behavior Sciences:

  • Mental health
  • Family advocate
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Gerontology aide
  • Intake specialist
  • Child abuse worker
  • Social work assistant
  • Caseworker
  • Crisis intervention worker
  • Caseworker assistant
  • Community outreach worker
  • Medicaid and welfare office specialist

In the Field of Business:

  • Marketing
  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales
  • Account managers
  • Management
  • Office specialists