Natural Sciences and Mathematics

As a student in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics program you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of discipline areas in science and mathematics – an exciting option if you are undecided about a major as you enter university. You will learn how science and math influence our daily living and how to advance scientific literacy as you study biology, chemistry, physical sciences and mathematics.

You may opt for the General Science Concentration, which provides the flexibility of majoring in the sciences without the need to limit yourself in a specific field of science. This flexible concentration allows you to select courses that meet your particular interests and needs.

Students preparing to teach science in grades K-8 have the option of pursuing a double major in Education and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Become part of the new teaching force to help raise students’ science and math literacy in elementary and middle schools!

Points of Interest
  • Learn to recognize, analyze, and interpret data through hands-on experience in a variety of laboratory courses in the biological and physical sciences.
  • Write and present an original paper synthesizing current research on a specific topic of interest.
  • Develop a scientific and quantitative approach to problem solving, develop skills in accessing and evaluating scientific information, and enhance your skills in written and oral communication.
  • Develop an appreciation of Catholic/Franciscan values as they relate to the practitioner of science.
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Career Opportunities

With a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, you will have the skills that ensure career versatility in many areas:

  • Teacher of science
  • Laboratory technician
  • Technical writer
  • Nursing (through an accelerated nursing program)