Biology Pre-Professional Programs

Biology Pre-Professional Programs

Earn a Bachelor’s in Biology from Felician and then easily transition into a graduate program at a nearby institution.

Felician University’s Biology Pre-Professional programs provide students with the opportunity to earn a B.S. in Biology from Felician and a graduate degree from a cooperating professional school in the following fields:

1. Audiology (Bloomsburg University of PA)
2. Chiropractic (NY Chiropractic College)
3. Occupational Therapy (Sage Graduate School)
4. Physician Assistant (Rutgers-SHRP)
5. Physical Therapy (Rutgers-SHRP)
6. Podiatry (NY College of Podiatric Medicine)

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Students should declare their intention to pursue a specific articulated program as soon as possible within their first year at Felician to ensure proper scheduling of the correct sequence of courses. Each program page offers specific information pertaining to that degree, including career opportunities, instructions on how to apply, program requirements, and contact information.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of their Felician coursework, students will be able to demonstrate competence in scientific reasoning and quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and written communication, as well as proficiency in the application of fundamental principles and laboratory methods in biology and chemistry. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of the ethical challenges and responsibilities of applying scientific knowledge, the relationship of Franciscan values to professional practice, and the potential contributions of science-related professions to human welfare and sustainability.


In most of the pre-professional programs, students take three years of required courses at Felician, with their first year of graduate courses counting towards their fourth year of the Bachelor of Science. The exception is Occupational Therapy, which requires a four-year sequence of courses at Felician. An additional 2-3 years at the professional school is necessary for the graduate degree (duration depending on whether a Master’s or Doctorate is needed).

To learn more about what classes are part of these programs, view our undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Course Sequence Example

To help you understand what a course schedule might look like for a student earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology, this four-year course sequence provides an example. In each program, students must achieve a minimum grade of C in all science and math courses.

Felician University’s Biology Pre-professional programs allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in an accelerated timeframe and prepares them for careers in hospitals, schools, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!