Timetable for Middle States

2017 Self-Study Institute Ed Ogle, Fran Andrea, Tom Truchan, and George Abaunza
January 2018 Finalize Steering Committee, Working Group co-chairs and members Executive Team, Co-chairs, Dr. Prisco
January – February 2018 Choose Self-Study Model Executive Team
January – February 2018 Draft self-study design, including research questions for Working Groups Executive Team, Co-chairs
January – February 2018 Create Communication Plan Executive Team, Co-chairs
January – February 2018 Complete preliminary inventory of Documents and Resources Executive Team, Co-chairs
January – February 2018 Prepare University community for staff liaison’s visit Executive Team, Co-chairs
February 2, 2018 Skype Session with Dr. Faison Ed Ogle, Fran Andrea, Tom Truchan, George Abaunza, Mara Zukowski, Kaye Walter
February 14, 2018 Program Design Document due to Dr. Faison Dr. Ogle
February 28, 2018 MSCHE staff liaison’s visit to provide feedback on Design Board Members, President, Faculty, Staff, Students, Self-Study Committee
March 2018 Self-Study Design revisions complete and submitted to MSCHE Executive Team, Co-Chairs, Working Groups, Dr. Faison
March 2018 Receive approval on Felician University’s self-study design from MSCHE Dr. Faison
March 14, 2018 Working Group Orientation and Training to become familiar with Felician University’s self-study design and research questions All internal community members invited
April 2018 Middle States Self-Study Kickoff Town hall Meeting
April 2018 Working Group co-chairs meet to identify/gather necessary documents including documentation for compliance report Working Group co-chairs and
Steering Committee
June 15, 2018 Working Group Outlines Due All Working Groups
May 2018 – December 2018 Working Groups read supporting documents and generate a list of additional data needs
Working Groups review data, conduct interviews, meet with Steering Committee
Working Groups carry out their charges with oversight from Steering Committee
Steering Committee and Working Groups
May 2018 – December 2018 Prepare, conduct, and analyze campus-wide survey Steering Committee and Working Groups, Institutional Research
May 2018 – December 2018 Progress updates due from co-chairs Co-Chairs
December 15, 2018 First drafts of chapters from Working Groups; feedback obtained Steering Committee, Working Groups, Communication Team, Writing Team
December 15, 2018 – February 15, 2019 Writers compile first draft Kerri Scott, Sherida Yoder
February 20, 2019 All Working Groups Meeting All Working Group Members and Steering Committee
March 2019 MSCHE Team Chair selected and confirmed Middle States Commission on Higher Education
April 2019 Second drafts from Working Groups submitted to Self-Study Writing Team Steering Committee, Writing Team
April 2019 Writing Team drafts comprehensive Self-Study based on drafts submitted by Working Groups Steering Committee, Writing Team
May 2019 Review and community-wide discussion of Self-Study; revisions made as necessary based on feedback. All campus community members; Online and All Campus Meeting
May 2019 Preparation of Verification of Compliance Report begins Fran Andrea
July 2019 Second draft of Self-Study generated by Writing Team and distributed Steering Committee, Dr. McGeary
August 2019 Self-Study draft to Team Chair in advance of Preliminary Visit Steering Committee, Dr. McGeary
September – November 2019 Edits/revisions to Self-Study based upon feedback from Team Chair Steering Committee, Dr. McGeary
November 2019 Preliminary Visit by Team Chair; feedback on Self-Study Draft Team Chair, Steering Committee, Dr. McGeary, Dr. Prisco
December 2019 Final version of Self-Study produced & sent to Visiting Team (6 weeks prior to visit) Steering Committee, Dr. McGeary
December 2019 Verification of Compliance report due Fran Andrea
March 2020 Visiting Team on Campus Visiting Team, All campus stakeholders
June 2020 Commission meets to determine accreditation action Middle States Commission on Higher Education