Paint ‘N’ Sip

Felician University held a Paint ‘N’ Sip Session February 14 as part of its Older is Better presentation for individuals 55 and older.

The fledging artists were guided by Felician Professor of Graphic Design Melissa MacAlpin, whose background is in Fine Studio Art. “Anytime I get a chance to not be on the computer and instead can get into messy but beautiful art making, I love it,” said MacAlpin who also volunteers doing Paint n Sips for the Wallington PTA and Public Library.

Felician Professor of Graphic Design Melissa MacAlpin at Paint n Sip Event

Felician Professor of Graphic Design Melissa MacAlpin at Paint n Sip Event

The painting part was the real thing with MacAlpin passing out small canvasses, paint, and multiple brushes. Professor MacAlpin guided the seniors with an easy manner, “We’re going to paint the tree and then we’re going to go in with all the red and pink and white, and because it’s Valentine’s Day, we have to start with romance.”

That meant painting, “what else? hearts, of course.” And with Professor MacAlpin there was no right or wrong. Something the students appreciated.

Rosemarie Latrenta of Clifton said, “Whatever you make is beautiful in your eyes,” adding, “I had a wonderful time. It was very relaxing and fun.”

For Angela Vitiello of Lodi, the Paint N’ Sip was more than just fun, “this drawing of the heart was therapeutic and you could express yourself, I loved it.

As for the “sipping part,” the seniors sipped coffee and enjoyed chocolate cake. And if that doesn’t sound sophisticated enough for you, here’s what Elizabeth Smith of Clifton had to say about the experience. “I enjoyed the class. It took the pressure off, it was a matter of free expression, I feel like Andy Warhol.”

Next up for the young at heart is Tai Chi and Yoga on February 21 when David Halpin of Sun Tao Studio will present a talk about coordination, movement, and exercise.

Older is Better is an open membership program that meets Friday’s at 1pm for the nominal fee of $3. If you’d like to join Older is Better and make learning part of your Fridays call 201-355-1450.

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