Personal Property Insurance and Safety

While Residence Life strives to make our halls as safe as possible, do not assume that every resident and guest is free from temptations. We recommend that you subscribe to some type of personal property insurance. You can do this by either checking your parent’s homeowner policy to see if your possessions are insured away from home, or you can compare coverage and premium rates with neighboring agencies.

Try looking into Secure Renter’s Insurance. You, not Felician University, are responsible for your property!!

Medical Insurance

All Felician students must have medical insurance. If you are not covered by another policy, or for extra coverage, you may elect to obtain insurance through Felician University’s insurance carrier. Information on these policies is available from the Center for Health.

Forms and Guidebook

Students may not check-in to the residence halls unless they have been cleared to do so by the Center for Health. To obtain and turn in health forms, please contact the Center for Health at 201-559-3559.

College Students Renters Insurance