Summer Program

All incoming freshmen must attend a mandatory five week summer program prior to their first year at university. The Summer Program is designed to strengthen student’s preparation for university level work and academic success. During the Summer Program, students review math, English and Critical Thinking skills. The purpose of the Summer Program is to acclimate the student to university life, along with brushing up on their basic skills. All incoming freshmen must successfully complete the EOF Summer Program before they can register for the fall semester.

Summer Scholars have the opportunity to earn 6-college level credits by the end of the summer program.

Personalized Counseling

Upon being accepted into the Educational Opportunity Fund Program, each student is assigned an EOF counselor that they have to meet with on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. During these counseling sessions your academic performance in your classes will be discussed. The EOF counselors will help you in obtaining tutoring assistance if you need any additional help in a particular area of your studies. Your counselor is there for you to discuss any problems that you may be experiencing with your academic career.


All students are required to attend a minimum of four workshops per semester in order to be an active participant of the EOF Program. These workshops are implemented to help students in areas where they may be experiencing difficulties. Listed are just some of the workshops that may be featured during the semester: Research Paper Writing Strategies, Making Life Choices, Classroom Ethics, Plagiarism, Note-taking & Study Skills, Citation Styles and Time Management. These workshops are presented by some of the university faculty and or other university departments such as, Career Services, Center for Learning and Library Services. Important tips can be obtained by attending these workshops.  We encourage all students in the EOF Program to attend as many as possible. In order to stay in good standing with the EOF Program and to continue to receive funding, counseling, workshops and EOF meetings are a crucial factor to ensure that your EOF funding gets renewed each semester.