Felician Online Alliance

The Felician Online Alliance is a collaboration between and Felician University, Madonna University, and Villa Maria College linking their online academic offerings to enhance a student’s educational experience. Please meet with your Academic Advisor for approval. Once approved, advisors must submit the Felician Online Alliance Form to Marybeth O’Flanagan either by email or in person at the Registrar’s office.

Villa Maria College Spring 2020 Course Offerings
Course Code Course Title Start Date End Date Prerequisites
BUS 308 VOL Benefits & Compensation Management 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 BUS 208
BUS 334 VOL Search Engine Marketing 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 N/A
BUS 460 VOL Leadership and Employee Development 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 BUS 208
MUI 360 VOL Live Recording 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 N/A
PHI 205 VOL Philosophy of Person 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 N/A
RST 101 VOL Introduction to Religious Thought and Practice 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 N/A
RST 206 VOL Religion & Popular Culture 1/13/2020 5/8/2020 N/A
Villa Maria College | Felician Online Alliance | Course Descriptions for Spring 2020

BUS 308 Conflict Management & Employee Negotiation – 3 credits

Effective conflict management involves analyzing a conflict, understanding the dynamics between the parties, and determining the appropriate method of conflict resolution. In the absence of confidence and skill in conflict management, most public officials resort, often counterproductively, to the use of power, manipulation, and control. Possessing confidence and skill, one can exercise other options. Through readings, discussions, and simulations you will develop an understanding of conflict dynamics and the art and science of negotiation and will be introduced to the role that can be played by conflict resolution techniques such as mediation. Prerequisite: BUS 208 Introduction to Human Resources Management.

BUS 334 Search Engine Marketing – 3 credits

Search engine marketing (SEM) has become an increasingly popular method of lead generation for businesses of all sizes. This course provides students with an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine marketing strategies and tactics. Emphasis is placed on building local and regional search engine marketing campaigns. Students receive hands-on experience with on-site tactics and results tracking. Connections will also be made to the intricacies of large-scale national and international SEO and PPC performed by major corporations.

BUS 406 Leadership and Employee Development – 3 credits

This course is aimed at improving your ability to lead high performing teams, which is where everyone’s leadership is most direct and generally has the most immediate impact on others – whether you are a HR Director working with your senior executive team, the leader of an entrepreneurial venture working with your founding team, the captain of a sports team, the head lifeguard over the summer, the unofficial leader of a student project team, or in any one of countless other team leadership roles. Prerequisite: BUS 208 Introduction to Human Resources Management.

MUI 360 Live Recording Techniques – 3 credits

This course will prepare students to make high-quality recordings using live music scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on microphone techniques, professional etiquette, and recording procedures used in contemporary musical ensembles. Final projects are completed at end of semester college musical recitals.

PHI 205 Philosophy of Person – 3 credits

A philosophical study of various aspects of the human person including the mind, emotions, the creative impulse, the self-donation of love, the spirit, and ways contemporary society shapes and affects these aspects. A writing intensive course.

RST 101 Introduction to Religious Thought and Practice – 3 credits

An introductory course exploring the foundational and fundamental concepts associated with a cross-cultural examination of religious thought. The student is introduced to the topics of the sacred, symbol, As of 10/25/2019ritual, rites of passage, faith, mystery, good, evil, rebirth, salvation, and the relationship of one to self, community and the Absolute. These concepts are given a practical application by exploring the historical development, beliefs and practices of a sampling of the world’s religious traditions including: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient/native/tribal and new religious movements.

RST 206 Religion & Popular Culture – 3 credits

This course explores the intersection of religion and popular culture in America. Questions of how religion influences popular culture and how popular culture influences religion are examined. Topics include how religious themes, symbols, myths, values, and language manifest themselves in popular films, music, literature, entertainment, sports, politics, science, and technology.

Madonna University Spring 2020 Course Offerings
Course Code Course Title CR Start End Prerequisites
AGE 1070.00.01.WB Introduction to the Aging Experience 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
AGE 2300.00.01.WB Programs and Services for Older Adults 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
AGE 3070.00.01.WB Psychology of Midlife and Aging (AGE*/PSY) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
AGE 4850.00.01.WB Gerontology Management 3 Credits 1/6/2020 2/29/2020
AGE 4870.00.01.WB Nursing Home Administration I 3 Credits 1/6/2020 2/29/2020
AGE 4880.00.01.WB Nursing Home Administration II 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
BL 3500.00.01.WB Employment Law 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
CJ 1210.00.01.WB Introduction to Corrections 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 CJ 1020
CJ 2350.00.01.WB American Judicial Process (CJ*/PSC) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
CJ 4140.00.01.WB Drugs, Crime and the Justice System 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
CJ 4450.00.01.WB Interviewing and Investigative Report Writing 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 CJ 1020
CJ 4750.06.01.WB Special Topics: White Collar Crime 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
CSC 2020.00.01.WB Web Design and Development 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
ENG 3120.00.05.WB American Literature II: The Post-Civil War to the Present 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
ESS 2160.00.01.WB Earth Science 4 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 Requires Lab
ESS 2160.LB.01.WB Earth Science Lab 0 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 Requires Lecture
FCS 2270.00.02.WB Human Nutrition (FCS/NFS*) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
HIS 1010.00.04.WB World Problems (HIS*/PSC) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
HTM 4370.00.01.WB Marketing Hospitality Services (HTM*/MKT) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 MKT 2440
Course Code Course Title CR Start End Prerequisites
LAW 2550.00.01.WB Computer Assisted Legal Research 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 LAW 1010
LAW 3670.00.01.WB Law Office Economics and Technology 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 LAW 1000 & LAW 1010
MGT 2360.00.02.WB Principles of Management 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
MKT 4370.00.01.WB Marketing Hospitality Services (HTM*/MKT) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 MKT 2440
MTH 1150.00.02.WB Contemporary Mathematics 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
MUS 1000.00.01.WB Fundamentals of Music 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
NFS 2270.00.02.WB Human Nutrition (FCS/NFS*) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
PHL 1010.00.02.WB Introduction to Philosophy 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
PSC 1010.00.04.WB World Problems (HIS*/PSC) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
PSC 2350.00.01.WB American Judicial Process (CJ*/PSC) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
PSC 3410.00.01.WB Comparative Politics 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
PSY 2450.00.01.WB Life-Span Developmental Psychology 4 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 PSY 1010
PSY 3070.00.01.WB Psychology of Midlife and Aging (AGE/PSY*) 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020 PSY 1010
RST 2560.00.01.WB Old Testament: Torah and Historical Writings 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
SLS 1000.00.01.WB Sign Language in Society 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020
SOC 3120.00.02.WB Diversity, Discrimination, and Social Justice 3 Credits 1/6/2020 2/29/2020
SOC 3130.00.01.WB Sociology of the Family 3 Credits 1/6/2020 5/2/2020v
Madonna University | Felician Online Alliance | Course Descriptions for Spring 2020

AGE 1070 Introduction to the Aging Experience 3 s.h.

Never before in human history have so many people lived into old age. This aging population impacts the aging individual, families, communities, and social policy. An overview of the field of aging, with attention to the cultural, social, psychological, and economic factors which influence the life of the older adult.

AGE 3070 Psychology of Midlife and Aging (PSY) 3 s.h.

What does it really mean to be a grown up? Examine adult psychological development from midlife to later years, including behavior and coping strategies as well as t he cognitive, personality, and intellectual changes that occur with aging. Prerequisite: PSY 1010.

AHIS 2020 Monuments, Media, and Culture in World Art 3 s.h.

This introduction to the visual arts provides a strong foundation for understanding, and appreciation for human creativity across time and cultures, Students learn fundamental concepts about art, are exposed to a wide variety of artworks from around the world, and learn to observe how the visual arts reflect our respective cultures and impacts our daily lives. (Not for art majors.)

CIS 2380 Introduction to Computers 3 s.h.

Study of the evolution of computers and the operating functions of the hardware, systems software, application software, data communications, and ethics of data storage and retrieval; exploration of the integration and application of information and processing in the business environment and in the global society; hands-on experience with word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, database management, and electronic mail.

ESS 3040 Oceans 3 s.h.

Introduction to the whole range of human interactions with the sea; includes special emphasis on environmental considerations and advancements associated with exploring the sea. Interdisciplinary course designed for General Science, Integrated Science, and non-science majors.

ESS 3290 Principles of Astronomy 4 s.h.

Provides a comprehensive introduction to astronomy. Topics include the solar system, stars, galaxies, cosmology, and history of astronomy. Astronomical laboratory investigations are part of the course. Interdisciplinary course designed for General Science, Integrated Science, and non-science majors.

HIS 1010 World Problems (PSC) 3 s.h.

Analysis of the most significant contemporary world issues confronting the international community of nations and citizens of United States.

HSP 3310 Management of the Bereavement Process 3 s.h.

The foundations of the bereavement process following the loss of a significant person. An examination of stage theories and key concepts that describe the grief continuum and personal transformation through the process of grief. Cultural attitudes and myths regarding loss and bereavement are examined in the context of gender, ethnicity, age, and circumstances of death. Personal reflections on loss and bereavement are encouraged throughout.

HSP 3500 Spiritual and Ethical Consideration in Palliative/End-of-Life Care (PSY) 3 s.h.

Examines dying as potentially the last stage of human development and spiritual growth. Enhances religious literacy through identification of the salient beliefs and practices regarding illness, dying, death, and burial rituals of major world religions. Ethical theories, principles, and steps that guide decision making for individuals, families, and caregivers in Palliative/End-of-Life (EOL) care.

HTM 4370 Marketing Hospitality Services (MKT) 3 s.h.

An in-depth look at the nature and scope of the meetings, convention and trade show markets, how to effectively service this market, and increase market share for properties. Prerequisite: MKT 2440.

INB 3140 International Business 3 s.h.

Foundational knowledge of the current forces influencing the conduct of international business, including cultural, political, legal, and economic forces. Exploration of marketing entry strategies, trade and trade agreements, international monetary system, business finance, and organizational design and management considerations.

INB 4350 International Trade Structures and Systems 3 s.h.

An examination of current theories and patterns of international trade and finance, including an exploration of the history, institutional framework, and structural patterns of international trade, and an analysis of exchange rate determination theories and balance of payment drivers. Prerequisites: ECN 2720, ECN 2730, and INB 3140.

MGT 2360 Principles of Management 3 s.h.

An introduction to the nature and principles of management; history, theories, practices, problems, and techniques; characteristics and qualities of managers; contemporary trends in management thought and practice.

MIS 4570 Human Resources Information Systems 3 s.h.

The application of computer-based information systems to human resources (HR) management. Investigation of technologies appropriate for organizations of various sizes, effective strategies for obtaining and using technology, and the major trends in Internet technologies suitable for HR processes. Hands-on experience with industry standard software required.

MTH 1150 Contemporary Mathematics 3 s.h.

Designed to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the history, techniques, and applications of mathematics. Focus on a variety of real-world problems that can be solved by quantitative methods. Topics are selected from different branches of mathematics in order to bring the excitement of contemporary mathematical thinking to the non-specialist. Prerequisite: 1 year of high school algebra, or equivalent. Satisfies the general education requirement.

PHL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy 3 s.h.

A study of the meaning of philosophy, basic philosophical concepts, terminology, methods, problems, systems, and schools. Core requirement for Pastoral Ministry majors and minors. Requirement for Religious Studies majors and minors.

PSY 1010 General Psychology 3 s.h.

The science of behavior and mental processes: sensation and perception, learning and cognition, motivation, emotion, personality development, adjustment, and maladjustment.

SLS 1000 Sign Language in Society 3 s.h.

A survey of American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Emphasis on Sign Language structure, history, and usage. Discussion of a sociocultural perspective of Deaf people, including readings from anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and education. Includes an examination of American attitudes toward Sign Language and Deaf culture.

SPA 2230, 2240 Intermediate Spanish I, II 3.s.h.

Development of the ability to communicate in Spanish with a focus on vocabulary building, grammar, reading, writing, and conversation. To be taken in sequence. Prerequisite for SPA 2230: SPA 1020. Prerequisite for SPA 2240: SPA 2230