Guidelines & Honors Courses Registration – 2020

Please follow these guidelines, when students in the Honors Program meet with their advisors. Note: All Honors courses are listed according to GECC affiliation.

Please keep in mind:

  • Freshmen Honors students should register for ENG 102HON (with the corresponding LS 100 HON EL)
  • School of Arts & Science freshmen need to register for FYE 101HON
  • Online Honors courses:
    • RELS 405 HON-EL (GECC I)
  • The Honors Program will allow students to take non-Honors courses for Honors credit only when necessary and a maximum of two (2) times in their career. The necessary paperwork can be obtained through Dr. Blanchard.

To graduate as an Honors Scholar, students need a minimum of twenty-seven (27) credits of Honors courses plus the service requirement of fifteen hours of service for any six semesters for a total of ninety hours (90) for Honors Scholar graduation from the Honors Program.

**All Seniors, who will graduate in January 2020, or May or August of 2020 and want to graduate as Honors Scholars, must have an audit of their Honors credits by December 2019. Please contact Dr. Blanchard for a meeting.

Students in the Honors Program will register with their advisors. If anyone has any questions, comments, please contact Dr. Blanchard – email: telephone: 201-559-6170 or stop by Kirby Hall, Room 314.

Honors Courses: Spring 2020 Registration (GECC are listed First)
  • RELS-102-HON: Intro to the First Testament GECC I Faith and Reason (100-200 level) M W 11:25AM-12:40PM Zukowski, Mara
  • RELS-405-HONEL: God, Suffering & Evil GECC I Faith and Reason (300-400 level) – Zukowski, Mara
  • PHIL-250-ELHON: Making Moral Decisions (GECC II Ethics, Values, and Truth) Online Perring, Christian
  • MUS-103-HON: Basic Piano (GECC III Communication and Expression) Tu Th 1:00PM-2:15PM Gordon, Barbara
  • ENG-102-HON: College Writing & Research II (GECC V Information Literacy) M Th 8:15AM-9:30AM
  • LS-100-HON: Architecture of Information (GECC V Information Literacy) Kazmierczak, Robin
  • MATH-161-C/HON: Precalculus (GECC VII Quantitative & Sci Reasoning) M W Th 4:10PM-5:25PM Nazi, Ghassan
  • ART-275-R/HON: International Visual Studies (GECC VIII /Travel to Florence Required) F 11:25AM-12:40PM Nyklewicz, Michael
  • HIST-110-HON: World Geography and Culture (GECC VIII Global Consciousness) M W 2:35PM-3:50PM Von Faust, Boris
Non-GECC Honors Courses
  • ART-249-R/HON: International Visual Studies F 9:50AM-11:05AM Nyklewicz, Michael
  • FYE-101-HON: Freshman Year Experience II Tu 2:35PM-3:50PM Blanchard, Jeffery C
  • BIO-104-A/HON: General Biology II Tu Th 9:50AM-11:05AM Liotti, Joseph B
  • BIO-206-A/HON: Anatomy and Physiology II M W 9:50AM-11:05AM Rogers, Robert
    • BIO-206L-A1HON: A & P II Lab M 2:35PM-5:05PM Rogers, Robert
    • BIO-206L-A2HON: A & P II Lab Th 2:35PM-5:05PM Rogers, Robert
  • PHIL-360-HON: Philosophy and Lit. – Honors Tu Th 1:00PM-2:15PM Sequeira, Lavina
  • PSYC-101-HON: Introduction to Psychology Tu Th 11:25AM-12:40PM Millet, Tal