Office of Institutional Research

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research supports Felician’s mission by its pledge to construct accurate and reliable data analysis to assist with effective policy formulation, decision-making, assessments, and strategic planning activities. We strongly encourage faculty members and students to participate in peer reviewed surveys by continuously aiming to improve the overall stay and satisfaction at Felician University.

Main Objective

The Office of Institutional Research is focused on providing consistent and measurable statistical data analysis to the Federal government, State government, internal and external stakeholders. We persistently aim to uphold Felician’s accreditation standing by providing an abundant amount of data analysis reports to sources. The IR office particularly aims to improve student’s satisfaction and retention rates through measurable data analysis reports. As a student focused institution, we continue to advocate and provide the necessary statistical data tools for students to be able to share their thoughts, experience, and suggestions.

Our Scope
  • The analysis of data and reporting for IPEDS, NJIPEDS, FACTBOOK, NSSE, College Board, Barron, Wintergreen, Peterson’s, U.S., and many other major reporting surveys.
  • Statistical data analysis and research that is commonly used for internal and external reporting.