Office of Institutional Assessment

The Office of Institutional Assessment is guided by two principal directions: the Felician University Mission and the Seven Standards established by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). At the core of all practices pursued by Institutional Assessment is an understanding that our ultimate goal is to support students in their quest for knowledge. Even though the Institutional Assessment Office does not work directly with students, it is dedicated to supporting academic, administrative, and governance units in their mission to provide quality education and quality experience at Felician University.

The Office of Institutional Assessment promotes a culture of assessment across all University functions ranging from assessment of student learning, to assessment of teaching, to the validation of assessment tools themselves, to evaluation of processes and practices across organizational functions. The Office of Institutional Assessment has developed a five-tier “Institutional Assessment of Assessment Model” to ensure consistency and reliability of self-assessment practices.

One of the current primary objectives of Institutional Assessment at Felician University is to employ data-driven assessment applications that not only demonstrate the current status of University-wide practices but uncover actionable data for further institutional decision-making on achieving Felician University Strategic Planning Objectives.