Mission, Values, and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Assessment Council is dedicated to fostering a culture of assessment, accountability, and advancement that informs and supports University-wide decision-making that is guided by Franciscan Values, the University Mission and Strategic Planning Objectives, and University Learning Outcomes.


Common Good

Practice ethical scholarly research and assessment that promote the Common Good to lead to the betterment of educational and/or professional experiences at Felician University.

Respect for Students and Colleagues

Treat students and colleagues as unique individuals (for example, ensure that assessment is free of gender and socio-cultural biases).

Respect each colleague, his or her expertise, and their commitment to the University.

Recognize colleagues for their work and contributions.

Respect colleagues’ time by ensuring that assessment tasks are valuable, relevant, increase efficiency for individual employees, offices, departments, and the entire Felician University community.

Objectives Statement

A “3-A Model of Assessment, Accountability, and Advancement”: Ensure the accountability of assessment for the purpose of University-wide advancement and improvement.


Identify practices that do not have built-in assessment methods; develop methods of assessment and support implementation.

Review existent assessment methods employed across all University units.

Oversee deployment and collection of University assessment instruments.

Share assessment findings with the University community and provide recommendations where and when appropriate.


Practice, promote, and support assessment that is driven by rigorous academic standards of validity and ethical responsibility.

Ensure that University-wide assessment practices are guided by Franciscan Values, the University Mission and Strategic Planning Objectives, and University Learning Outcomes.

Advancement and Improvement

Develop and implement processes that use assessment results as a tool for decision-making for the purpose of continuous University-wide improvement.

Inform and make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet, Deans, and other internal and external decision-makers on University-wide assessment outcomes.

Ensure that the outcomes of all academic, administrative, and governance assessments inform the University on how to continue improving student learning and student experiences, as these tasks constitute the core of the University Mission.