AT&T Grant Awarded for Felician’s Design Your Life Course

AT&T has awarded a grant to Felician University that makes it possible to offer a unique course called Design Your Life. Based on Stanford’s proven methods, this project-based course encourages the creativity and curiosity of students to help them discover what they want to do in life. Offered by the School of Business for the first time this semester, Design Your Life is for all majors and teaches students how to design personalized paths to successful and fulfilling careers.

Students will receive one-on-one mentoring with a business professional who has extensive experience in their field and can offer advice professionally, academically, and personally. The course also emphasizes collaboration, allowing students to problem-solve real-life situations in a friendly, stress-free environment. Students taking Design Your Life become personally engaged and invested in the content, and the individualized mentoring creates inspiration for students to take control of their futures and form successful careers for themselves.

“This course creates opportunities for students to work together on an interdisciplinary level in a way that is real to them. There are no research papers or exams but instead, students examine their own lives, investigate their interests and abilities, and emerge from each class with renewed inspiration,” said professor of the course Dr. Deirdre Christofalo, Dean for the School of Business and the Center for Professional Studies and Innovation.

In all the excitement around campus for this new, innovative course, it has already reached capacity and is slated to begin in the upcoming weeks. Students wishing to join this program can look forward to it running again next year.