Lenten Reflections

We begin the Lenten season this year on March 6th with Ash Wednesday. Lent symbolizes Jesus’ 40 days in the desert, fasting in preparation for his ministry. Similarly, we are encouraged to spend this time in preparation and reflection. Lent is an opportunity to revisit and better establish our relationships with God and those around us. What message does God want us to hear at this time?

To help with this preparation and provide inspiration, Campus Ministry and the Mission Office are pleased to present Lenten Reflections written by members of our Felician community. These reflections are written from the heart by students, faculty, staff, sisters, and alumni. We hope they will provide you with time to pause, reflect, and grow in relationship with God, self, and community.

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The Week of Ash Wednesday

The First Week of Lent

The Second Week of Lent

The Third Week of Lent

The Fourth Week of Lent

The Fifth Week of Lent

Holy Week