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CLEP Policies & Procedures

Felician College accepts a maximum of 15 CLEP credits toward an Associate degree and a maximum of 30 CLEP credits toward a Bachelor’s degree.  A list of CLEP examinations with course and credit equivalencies accepted by Felician College is provided below.  Students should consult with their advisor(s) and refer to their program requirements before taking a CLEP exam. 

To obtain information about test centers, examination descriptions, practice materials, and to register to take a CLEP examination please go to  Once you have accessed the College Board website click on CLEP where you can locate all of the necessary information to prepare, register, and obtain CLEP scores.

CLEP Examination


Amount of Credit Granted

Equivalent Felician College Course

Composition and Literature

 American Literature 50 3 ENG102 or ENG202
 Analyzing and Interpreting  Literature 50 3 EN103
 College Composition with Essay 50 3 ENG101
 English Literature 50 3 ENG102 or ENG201
 Humanities 50 3 Elective Credit

Foreign Languages

 French College Level One 50 6 FR101 and FR102
 French College Level Two 62 12 FR101, FR102, FR103,  and FR104
 Spanish College Level One 50 6 SP101 and SP102
 Spanish College Level Two 66 12 SP101, SP102, SP111,  and SP112

History and Social Sciences

 American Government 50 3 PSC102
 History of the United States I:  Early Colonizations to 1877 50 3 HI201
 History of the United States II:  1865 to the Present 50 3 HI202 or HI203
 Western Civilization I:
 Ancient Near East to 1648
50 3 HI101 or HI102
 Western Civilization II:
 1648 to Present
50 3 HI103 or HI104
 Principles of Economics I  (Micro) 50 3 ECON 220
 Principles of Economics II  (Macro) 50 3 ECON 200
 Introductory Psychology 50 3 PS101
 Human Growth and  Development 50 3 PS201
 Educational Psychology,  Introductory 50 3 PS301
 Introductory Sociology 50 3 SO101

Science and Mathematics

 Algebra 50 3 MT102
 Algebra-Trigonometry 50 4 MT105
 Biology 50 8 BI103 and BI104
 Chemistry 50 6 CH103 and CH104
 Chemistry 50 3 CH105
 Calculus with Elementary  Functions 50 8 MT201 and MT202

Business and Computer Science

 Accounting, Principles of 50 6 ACC100 and ACC220
 Business Law, Introductory 50 3 BU310
 Management, Principles of 50 3 MGT100
 Marketing, Principles of 50 3 MKT100
 Information Systems 50 3 CIS150