For Parents

Staying connected with your university-aged student

As the parent of a student, you know that the university experience can be both an exciting and challenging time. There are many things to think about when it comes to the these years of transition and growth – doing well academically, making friends, managing money, staying safe, making healthy choices, and planning for the future. We are here to support your student. Should you have concerns about your student, you are invited to call the Counseling Center to discuss them with us.

You may contact us at 201.559.3587, 201.559.3503 or 201.559.3329. If your student is age 16 or over, we will be unable to share confidential information with you without the student’s written consent.

With all these opportunities and challenges, it is important to think about the student’s emotional health. The Jed Foundation, which promotes suicide prevention and mental health initiatives on college campuses, has named us a “JED campus” and offers you supportive educational resources.

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