Alternate Route: Early Childhood and Special Education: P-3 & Teacher of Students with Disabilities (MA)

For those who already possess their Certificate of Eligibility and are employed by a school district in an early childhood placement, we offer an alternate route that will allow you to earn your master’s degree plus eligibility for two endorsements.

Discover how to teach in an inclusive setting and tend to the learning needs of young children and uniquely-abled learners. You’ll get the opportunity to satisfy course requirements by teaching your current class with the new methods you learn—allowing you to continue to earn income from your school district while studying.

You’ll cultivate the tools necessary to foster innovative learning environments for young children and uniquely-abled individuals. Learn teaching philosophies according to local, state, and national trends, as well as how to utilize culturally responsive practices.

Earning your Master of Arts in Education will empower you to earn more money as a teacher in New Jersey. The knowledge you will develop in the two specialized areas of Elementary and Special Education will also make you more marketable to schools seeking to hire new teachers, helping you to advance your career The Felician Way.