Pitch Night and Incubation Program

Felician University’s School of Business offers students, faculty, staff, and community members the chance to turn their innovative ideas into real businesses. This unique program fosters creative energy and helps to improve not only the economy but the ways in which we live. Ground-breaking and oftentimes socially beneficial ideas are brought to light, shaped, refined, and ultimately built into bona fide businesses.

Pitch Night

The School of Business annually hosts Pitch Night, which is Felician’s version of the show Shark Tank. Students, faculty, staff, and community members can apply to pitch their business concepts as individuals or as teams for the chance to win $5,000 in seed money and a spot in the summer Incubation Program. Judges with extensive experience in different industries are brought together to hear the pitches and determine five winners who will go on to complete the summer Incubation Program.

If you think you have the next big idea, be sure to apply for Pitch Night.

Incubation Program

Every summer following the annual Pitch Night, our 10-week intensive Incubation Program begins. The program is for the 5 winning individuals and teams and serves to refine their business concepts. Teams conduct market research, study financials and budgetary methods, learn how to present their ideas to investors, discover how to properly market themselves, and obtain the necessary resources to bring their businesses to life.

Each team will discover the benefits of working with experienced mentors who have built their own businesses from the ground up or have worked within the industry that the teams seek to enter. The teams work together in the Innovation Lab, helping one another by collaborating and ideating. The Innovation Lab is where the entirety of the Incubation Program is held and is the perfect space for innovation to live and thrive.

Teams complete the Incubation Program with actionable next steps and the knowledge to take their businesses to the next level.

The Final Pitch

The School of Business holds a second Pitch Night: The Final Pitch at the end of each summer Incubation Program. The Final Pitch is for the five teams, equipped with the knowledge and experience they gleaned from their summer Incubation Program, to pitch their businesses to investors. 

The School of Business brings investors to Felician University to hear these refined and advanced businesses, and the stakes are high. Last year, four out of five teams secured funding for their businesses and are currently in their next stages of company creation.

Becoming an Investor

Those investing in the businesses that come out of our Incubation Program engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with Felician’s teams. Investors enjoy taking on roles as strategic advisors and instigating the growth of these young start-ups. 

“Investing in TraqER, one of the start-ups that came from Felician’s Incubation Program, has allowed me to enjoy mentoring young entrepreneurs and give back all of the things that I was taught and have learned. It was a smart investment that’s inherently satisfying.” -Muir and Associates

If you are interested in becoming an investor, please contact Professor Douglas Muir.


If you are interested in donating to the Incubation Program and helping Felician teach young entrepreneurs how to achieve success in their start-ups, please contact Professor Douglas Muir