Lenke Family Innovation Lab

In Felician University’s multifaceted endeavor of helping to make the world a better place, it became apparent that the most inspiring, transformative, and positive change we see throughout the world is a direct result of creativity and collaboration. 

Pitch Night and Incubation Program  

While our world rapidly experiences massive change, our methods for teaching and learning have remained mostly stagnant. We still see the traditional image of students sitting at desks and copying down notes from the board, even though learning looks and feels a bit different for many students. The School of Business recognized the limitless power of innovation and investigated how it could offer students the chance to activate their own innovative talents.

Pitch Night & Incubation Program

The brand new Lenke Family Innovation Lab, which we like to call the i-Lab, is a modernized building designed to fit the needs of creative minds. It is an open, creative space for students to ideate, collaborate, and bring ideas into fruition. It houses a computer space with iMacs, while the walls are filled with whiteboards, allowing students to write their ideas all over the walls, see each other’s work, and watch as their ideas are brought to life. 

The School of Business is interested in innovation, entrepreneurial thought, and the expression of student ability. The i-Lab makes these things possible. In fact, multiple businesses have already been developed in the i-Lab, all of which are powerfully transformative in nature and benefit people in different ways. 

If you are interested in developing and fostering your innate creativity, explore the i-Lab to see how you could learn, grow, and change the world in an unconventional learning environment.