1. How do I Register for an Online Course?

If you are currently a student at Felician University, registration is done with the assistance and approval of your advisor of record (academic major advisor). Once you are officially registered you will be enrolled in your course in Brightspace, which is Felician’s Learning Management System (LMS). You will receive an email with your login ID and Password for the first day of class. This email will be sent to your Felician email address from the Center for Digital Design and Online on the date specified by the course instructor.

2. What are the Requirements for an Online Course?

Students enrolled in online courses should own a computer with the minimum hardware/software requirements listed below. The student should also have the ability to use email and the Internet in order to access the online course. Personal email accounts are not permitted for correspondence.

3. How Do I Access my Online Course?

Once you have been officially registered and enrolled an email will be sent to the student ‘s Felician University email account with the student’s Login ID and Password. The website address to access your online course is felician.brightspace.com.

4. What are the Hardware and Software Requirements?
  • Computer system with Windows 10, macOS, Mojave or Catalina, or Ubuntu 18.04
  • We recommend at least 4 GB of RAM and 164 GB of hard drive space
  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  • All latest security updates installed
  • Internet connection
  • Sound/video card and speakers