Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Felician @ Sussex

Through a partnership with Sussex County Community College (SCCC), Felician University offers a bachelor’s degree program in elementary education onsite at SCCC. Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a co-major in English, allowing you to become certified to teach at the kindergarten through 6th grade level.

Program Highlights
  • Complete two accelerated courses every eight weeks – courses offered on site in the evening at SCCC or online. You can work full time while you earn your degree.
  • Tuition rate is 30% lower than traditional Felician undergraduate rate. You may qualify for financial aid if you maintain full-time student status.
Points of Interest
  • Complete a total of four field placements to learn more about classroom management, instruction strategies, and assessment methods.
  • You must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to formally apply to the School of Education at the start of your junior year. Prior to enrolling in EDU 304–Junior Practicum, you must pass the appropriate Praxis Core Exam.
  • After the field classes are completed, full-time clinical practice takes place five days a week for 15 weeks.
Application Requirements for SCCC Students
  • Completed application.
  • All official college transcripts.
  • Two letters of recommendation (from faculty or employers)
  • Personal statement

General Education Commons Courses

6 credits

Faith and Reason (300-400 level) 3 credits
Ethics, Values and Truth (300-400 level) 3 credits

Professional Education Course Requirements

34/35 credits

Curriculum includes field experiences and seminars, clinical practice, and education courses such as: Transition into Teaching, Educational Assessment, Mathematical Explorations, School Curriculum, and Reading in the Content Areas.

Related Education Requirements*

Communication in Educational Settings 3 credits
Philosophical Foundations of Education 3 credits
Introduction to Child Development 3 credits
Educational Psychology 3 credits

English Course Requirements*

33 credits

Literatures in English I 3 credits
Literatures in English II 3 credits
Shakespeare 3 credits
Critical Perspective on Literature 3 credits
Senior Research in English 3 credits
Medieval English Requirement 3 credits
Renaissance English Requirement 3 credits
18th and 19th Centuries English Requirement 3 credits
Modern to Post-Modern English Requirement 3 credits
Children’s Literature 3 credits
Literatures in English III 3 credits
*Some of these course requirements may be fulfilled through approved courses at SCCC.

Please note:

  • Additional coursework may be required to reach the minimum of 120 credits to receive B.A. degree.
    Up to 90 credits may be transferred to Felician University.
  • At least 30 credits must be taken from Felician University – at least half of these required 30 credits must be in the major.