Computer Science

Master’s in Computer Science Degree 4+1 Bachelors & Master’s in Computer Science

Felician University’s Bachelor’s in Computer Science program provides students with an understanding of general computer science, as well as knowledge of specific fields such as Data Mining, Cloud Computing, and Gaming. Students majoring in Computer Science have the unique experience of participating in numerous, very progressive activities that bolster their understanding of the subject. Our students design small-scale computer systems, engage in software engineering, and perform hands-on research!

Students majoring in Computer Science also have the option to pursue a double major in any subject at Felician. (Examples: Major in both Criminal Justice and Computer Science, or major in both Computer Science and Cybersecurity).

Bachelor’s and Master’s 4+1 Option

Felician University offers a 4+1 option that allows qualified Computer Science majors to complete their BS in four years and their MS in one year. These students take several master’s-level courses in their senior year.

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Required Courses  
Courses, Conferences, and Clubs

Starting their freshman year, students learn programming and information architecture. Over a Computer Science major’s four years at Felician they will study computer architecture, database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, and many more key skills. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in specialty courses that are offered periodically, such as Principles of Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and more.

Felician offers many opportunities for students to further their studies in computer science outside of the classroom. Majors have the chance to attend and/or participate in nationally recognized student conferences and student competitions in computer science. Field experiences involving visits to locations or operations of interest are another component of the program. There are also computer science-related student clubs on campus to join.

Careers and Internships in Computer Science

Felician’s undergraduate Computer Science program prepares students for an array of rewarding career fields. A degree in Computer Science can lead to in-demand positions including:

  • Application Developer
  • IT Specialist
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

Students have also interned at Felician as Webmasters and have worked in the IT and Information Systems department. Our graduates hold some of the following job titles: FBI Security Specialist, Assistant to the Director of Information Systems, IT Specialist, Network Administrator, and Desk Help Supervisor.

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Felician University’s Bachelor’s in Computer Science program accepts applications throughout the year on a rolling basis. Visit our admissions page for more information. Interested in learning more before applying? Request more information today!