Center for Innovation & Professional Studies

At Felician University, the Center for Innovation and Professional Studies (CIPS) is designed to help working adults advance their careers. We understand that you will not be putting your life on hold to complete your degree, but instead need to navigate the complexities of work, school, and life.

CIPS is built upon one core principle: balance. Our programs are designed to fit and balance busy lifestyles, so no matter what your life outside of school looks like, we will accommodate your schedule to ensure that you optimize your goals and achieve success in the way that works best for you.

A Degree Done Your Way

Our programs were built to endure chaos, so whether you are a parent, a full-time worker, or both, we offer options to drive your success.

  • Online, on-campus, and blended course options
  • Evening and weekend courses
  • Accelerated sessions
  • Multiple start dates
Secure Your Future: Robot-Proof Your Skills

The future is rapidly changing, and with the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) increasing, it seems robots steal more jobs every day. Yet, industry leaders are still actively recruiting people with critical thinking skills and leadership abilities.

With extremely modern and informed curricula, we ensure that your education will secure your skill set for the future. Secure yourself with irreplaceable skills, knowledge, and experience. AI can’t compete with the experience you’ll gain from Felician.