Research Announcement: Stimulus Preference and Multiple Cue Responding in Autism

Stimulus Preference and Multiple Cue Responding in Autism

A new study is being initiated at Felician University to assess children’s responses to visual stimuli that vary in complexity and whether their responses may be affected by the number of cues or steps contained within an instruction. This investigation will build upon lines of previous research and clinical efforts by Felician faculty of defining and targeting pivotal skills pertaining to attention. We are currently seeking the involvement of children with ASD between 3 to 7 years of age. We are also seeking the involving of children without ASD of the same age to serve in a comparison group.

The purpose of the proposed research is to determine if a child’s responsiveness varies depending upon the level of complexity within the task. We will be using Eye-Tracking Technology that involves presenting material on a screen having a child sit and view the presentation. This type of research has been conducted with children of similar ages.

Your child’s participation is completely voluntary. If you decide not to have your child participate your decision will not impact your child’s participation in other future activities offered at Felician University. Due to all of the procedural safeguards that are in place for this study and the nature of the assessment there are minimal risks to any participants involved.

There are no financial obligations involved with this study nor is there is financial compensation offered for your child’s participation in this study. The student’s participation, records, and data will be kept confidential and secure in a locked file cabinet throughout this study and for five years after the study is completed. After five years, the documents will be shredded. If you are not interested but would like more information on this topic, please contact us. For more information regarding participating in this research, please contact me.