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Bachelor's in Education for Working Adults

The Division of Teacher Education at Felician College has a unique and innovative program designed to meet the needs of adults who want to earn a bachelor’s degree and become certified to teach. This program is perfect for teacher’s aids, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, working individuals looking for a career change, or stay-at-home parents who want to prepare for a career in education.

Through this program you will earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a co-major in English. This will allow you to become certified to teach at the pre-school through 5th grade level. About halfway through the program, after the completion of 66 credits, you will earn an associate degree. This important milestone will make you eligible apply to as a substitute teacher in the state of New Jersey.

Taking classes just two nights a week, you can earn your degree in the evenings while having the freedom to continue working full time or tend to your other responsibilities during the day. The program is structured with 20-week semesters during the fall and spring. Each semester is divided into two 10-week blocks during each of which you will take two courses and earn six credits. This unique scheduling will allow you to remain a full time student and complete your degree in about five years. We also offer classes during the summer, allowing you to accelerate your progress and complete your degree even earlier.

Students who have already earned college credits or an associate degree through another institution may be able to transfer those credits to Felician College so they will not lose valuable time and can complete their degree more quickly.

Once in the program, you will need to maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 2.75 to continue as a Teacher Education candidate as required by the New Jersey State Department of Education. As a teacher education student, you will be held to applicable program policies and guidelines that are contained in the Felician College catalog.

Field Experience and Student Teaching

Throughout your academic program, you will be required to complete a variety of field experiences as part of the following courses: ED 115, ED 302, ED 304, and ED 400. These field placements, which are arranged through the Division of Teacher Education’s Placement Office, will provide you with opportunities to experience firsthand the intricacies of the teaching profession. You will begin these field experiences once you have completed 45 Felician College credits.

If you are currently working as a teacher’s aide, paraprofessional, or substitute teacher within an accredited school (ages 4 and older), you may be able to receive a waiver for ED 115. This waiver will be granted by the faculty in the Division of Education on an individual basis. If you have not worked in one of these positions in a school setting, you will be required to complete ED 115.

The program culminates with a student teaching experience. Student teaching takes place in an educational setting under the direct supervision of a cooperating teacher and a Felician College supervisor five full days per week for a period of 15 consecutive weeks. A prerequisite for enrolling in this capstone course is a passing score on the Praxis II exam.

Cohort-Based Program and Discounted Tuition Rate

The program is cohort-based, which allows you to progress toward your degree with the same individuals as a cohesive unit. This helps build a supportive network and a sense of team and community. Students find this adds to their motivation and makes learning more fun and interactive. One of the benefits of a cohort based program is that it is offered at a lower tuition rate. Students who participate in this program will be able to earn their college credits at almost 30 percent less than the cost of our traditional undergraduate programs.

Program Highlights

  • Freedom to earn your Bachelor Degree in Education while meeting the other commitments of your busy life.
  • Attend class two nights per week.
  • Tuition reduced approximately 30% from traditional Felician tuition rate.