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Healthcare Adminstration

Courses Required of all Business Students (Business Core)

MKT 100  Fundamentals of Marketing  3 credits
MKT 100  Fundamentals of Management        3 credits
MT 160  College Algebra     3 credits
ACC 100  Principles of Financial Accounting I     3 credits
ACC 200  Principles of Managerial Accounting      3 credits
ECON 200  Macroeconomics          3 credits
ECON 220  Microeconomics         3 credits
MGT 410  International Business    3 credits
BU 300 Business Ethics  3 credits
LAW 310 Business Law I     3 credits
FIN 300    Corporate Financial Management 3 credits
BUS 341 Intro. to Research and Analysis using Statistics   3 credits
MGT 490  Business Policy     3 credits
    40 credits

Additional Courses Required of All Traditional Students

BU 110    Business, Organization, and Management    3 credits
BUS 200    Professional Development I    1 credit
BUS 210   Professional Development II    1 credit
BUS 220  Professional Development III   1 credit
    6 credits

Major Requirements: Healthcare Administration

HCA 200   Principles of Healthcare Administration  3 credits
HCA 300   Organizational Behavior in Healthcare   3 credits
HCA 310   Human Resource Management in Healthcare  3 credits
HCA 420   Business Dimensions of Healthcare 3 credits
HCA/CIS 427    Healthcare Information Systems 3 credits
HCA 440     Delivery of Quality Care      3 credits
HCA 480     Legal Issues in Healthcare 3 credits
HCA 490   Healthcare Policy 3 credits
HCA 499  Capstone Residency      3 credits
    27 credits

What can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration?

According to a report of the New Jersey Hospital Association, labor projections through 2016 from the State of New Jersey show that the healthcare sector is second only to the state, county, and municipal governments in total employment. Healthcare remains the state’s single largest industry for growth according to the Department of Labor. Graduates of this program will be positioned to take advantage of that growth by assuming positions in ambulatory health care services, pharmaceutical firms, physician’s offices, home healthcare services, insurance companies, hospitals, or medical and diagnostic laboratories. Entry level positions in this field include department heads or managers in hospital departments such as billing or records, office managers for physician, dentist, or specialty groups, managers of out-patient care centers, or multiple positions in insurance companies.

Program Faculty