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Course Description

Students in the  ACES Program study the core courses of reading, writing, listening/discussion and grammar.  In addition, we offer a variety of elective courses that change periodically.  While each level is tailored to those students’ particular needs, the following provides a general description of each class.


Acquire English, learn culture, and develop critical thinking skills while reading fiction and nonfiction texts. Our reading courses are designed to build your vocabulary and strengthen your ability to think in English. Students read short stories by famous American authors as well as nonfiction pieces selected for their universal appeal and high interest topics.


Learn the mechanics of the perfect paragraph and the steps of the writing process. ACES writing courses cover all aspects of writing from sentence to essay and help students learn how to focus and organize their writing. In the higher levels, students learn the skills required for academic writing at the college level.

Listening and Discussion

Listen to authentic recordings to build comprehension skills and discuss how the topics covered relate to your life in the US and at home. In listening and discussion classes, students develop confidence in their academic conversation skills and cover the basics they will need to give presentations in English.


Learn how English grammar works at the sentence, paragraph and essay  levels. By studying grammar, students gain a deeper understanding of the English language and how it is used.  The goal of the grammar classes is for students to use the grammar in context and apply the knowledge they are gaining to their speaking and writing.   

Sample Electives

  • American Culture Through Film
  • Vocabulary Workshop
  • English Pronunciation
  • Conversation
  • New York City