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Teacher of Mathematics (K-12)

Felician College offers nationally accredited and state approved undergraduate programs in: Elementary Education (K-6), Elementary Education (K-6/Early Childhood P-3), Elementary Education (K-6/Subject Matter Specialization 5-8), Elementary Education (K6/Students with Disabilities), and Secondary Education (K-12).

Our clinically-rich Teacher Education programs are designed to develop personal, intellectual, and professional qualities that are essential for excellent, caring, highly competent teachers. Throughout their experience at Felician, our students are immersed in a culture that exemplifies our Franciscan values of Respect for Human Dignity, Compassion, Transformation, Solidarity with the Poor, Justice and Peace, Diversity, Reverence, Service, and Joy. In addition to being excellent teachers, our graduates reflect our Franciscan values and our mission in their personal and professional lives.

Starting with their first year, our students spend an entire day each week in real classrooms in a variety of contexts. This experience in the field helps our teacher candidates to discern if they are really called to teach. It also helps to familiarize them with the challenges facing children and schools in our society.

Along with the personal attention the faculty gives to each teacher candidate and the caring Franciscan curriculum and teaching in the School of Education, the intensive clinical field experiences are a hallmark of our program. Throughout four academic years, the specialized areas of the curriculum focus on the learner-centered nature of early childhood, elementary, secondary, and special education. The sequence of carefully planned and directed professional field experiences enables our students to apply theory to practice and to deepen their understanding of how children grow and learn. The continuum of supervised field experiences begins in freshman year and extends through both sophomore and junior semesters, and the first semester of the senior year, culminating with student teaching.

The faculty members of the School of Teacher Education are experienced professionals committed to providing the kind of education for our teacher candidates that we would like them to provide for their students. The Teacher Education faculty regularly engages in collaborative reflection to assess the program and to chart a course of continuous improvement in the curriculum and teaching we provide for our students. Our faculty models the values and skills we would like our students to demonstrate.

Throughout four academic years, the specialized areas of the curriculum focus on the child-oriented nature of elementary, secondary, and special education. To relate theory to practice and to deepen the understanding of how children grow and learn, a sequence of carefully planned and directed laboratory experiences is provided beginning with the spring semester of the freshman year. The continuum of supervised field experiences culminates with a upper level junior field, senior field experience, and student-teaching in the second half of senior year.

Degree Options

Felician College offers state approved programs in Teacher Education:

Required Courses for the Major in Education

Along with the 49-50 general education and CORE credits each Felician student must take, an education major must take 30 credits in professional courses including:

Section Course Credits
EDU 100 and 101 Freshman Field and Seminar 1 (each)
EDU 115 Transition into Teaching 2(for transfers only)
EDU 200 and 201 Sophomore Field and Seminar 1(each)
EDU 205 Professional Assessment 1
EDU 220 Introduction to Special Needs 3
EDU 302 Junior Field and Seminar 2
EDU 303 School Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts 3
EDU 304 Junior Practicum Field and Seminar 3
EDU 305, 306, or 308 Reading Course by program 3
EDU 400 Senior Field Experience and Seminar 2
EDU 402 School Curriculum: Mathematics 3
EDU 403 Student Teaching Seminar 2
EDU 404 Student Teaching 4

The following 20 credits in related professional requirements must also be met:

Section Course Credits
EDU 102 Communication for Educators 3
ENG 220 Children’s Literature 3
PE 150 Physiology, Hygiene and Nutrition 2
PHIL 200 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
PSYC 201 Introduction to Child Development 3
PSYC 301 Educational Psychology 3
PSYC 302 Educational Assessment Techniques 3

In addition, for endorsements in:

  • P-3 Early Childhood (add an additional 8 credits)
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities (add an additional 12 credits)
  • K-12 or 5-8 programs (add selected co-major/content area classes as needed)

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Certificate Programs (TEC)

A very popular program in the School of Education is the post-baccalaureate teacher education certificate program. This program enables a student who holds a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college to complete the requirements necessary for attaining a New Jersey Department of Education Teaching Certificate.

Available Certificate Programs include:

The following Certificate Programs are available for a student who holds an existing New Jersey State Department Teaching Certification:

  • Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3 Endorsement (P-3)
  • Special Education Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement (TOSD)

The School of Education also runs very successful cohort programs leading to a Bachelor’s Degree on and off campus designed for Working Adults. This program is designed for adult students, age 22 or older and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education (K-6) and Early Childhood (P-3) with a co-major in English. The program follows a semester schedule with two eighteen week periods in the fall and spring. Each semester is divided into two 9-week blocks during which the student will take two-three courses and earn six credits.

Program Faculty