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Bachelor of Arts in Management/Marketing

This combined degree equips students with the essential business core courses while leaving enough flexibility to accommodate either the selection of a minor or the application of transfer credits.

Courses Required of all Business Students (Business Core):

MKT 100 Fundamentals of Marketing  3 credits
MKT 100 Fundamentals of Management  3 credits
MT 160 College Algebra  3 credits
ACC 100 Principles of Financial Accounting I  3 credits
ACC 200 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 credits
ECON 200 Macroeconomics 3 credits
ECON 220 Microeconomics  3 credits
MGT 410 International Business  3 credits
BU 300 Business Ethics  3 credits
LAW 310 Business Law I  3 credits
FIN 300 Corporate Financial Management 3 credits
BUS 341 Introduction to Research and Analysis using Statistics 3 credits
MGT 490 Business Policy   3 credits
    40 credits

Additional Courses Required of All Traditional Students:

6 credits
Major Requirements: Management/Marketing:

BU 110   Business, Organization, and Management   3 credits
BUS 200  Professional Development I   1 credit
BUS 210  Professional Development II  1 credit
BUS 220   Professional Development III     1 credit
MKT 300  Consumer Behavior   3 credits
MGT 300   Organizational Behavior    3 credits
    Business Elective (300 or 400 level)  3 credits
BU 499   Research in Business   3 credits
             12 credits

Full time students will follow the course sequence below to earn their degrees:

What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts in Management/Marketing?

The BA in Management/Marketing is an extremely adaptable degree. Depending upon the selection of electives (or a concentration/minor), graduates position themselves for entry level business positions in corporate, entrepreneurial, or nonprofit settings.

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