Recent Felician College Graduate, Kelsi Ludwigsen, to Participate in 4K for Cancer Run Across America

Kelsi Ludwigsen, a recent Felician College graduate, has been selected to serve as a teammate for the 2014 4K Run Across America. Ludwigsen, from Havre de Grace, Maryland, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry on May 18, 2014. She is one of 27 young adults who make up the team that will be running across America this summer to raise money and awareness for cancer treatment and research.

The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. It is a non-profit organization composed of college-aged students, ranging in age between 18 and 25 from all over the world, who have a spirit for adventure and a desire to change the lives of those affected by cancer. All participants share in common an active lifestyle, a sense of adventure, and a commitment to fight cancer. Each must raise a minimum of $4,500, which is roughly the equivalent of one dollar per mile of the journey.

This year’s Run Across America will begin in San Francisco, Calif. on June 15 and end in Baltimore, Md. on July 27. Each participant will run between 6 - 10 miles per day with the team running a collective 4,000 miles over the course of the journey. Along the way, host communities will be providing lodging, breakfast and dinner for the runners. Lunches will usually take place along the side of the road during water breaks.

The Run Across America helps to fight cancer by providing direct support services to young adults battling the disease through the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. The fund provides college scholarships to young adults that have been affected with cancer. Part of the runners’ journey will consist of talking and listening to the people who have received scholarships from the fund and learn about their battle with cancer. The runners will also be visiting cancer treatment facilities and delivering care bags along the way. Over the course of their trip across the United States, the runners should draw parallels between the physical, mental, and emotional struggles of their journey to the physical, mental and emotional struggles of cancer patients and their families they will meet along the way. The runners will dedicate their run to family members, friends, and the people they meet who are battling cancer.

Ludwigsen has raised, to date, $8,025.39 for the cause and is grateful to have been chosen for this unique opportunity to see the country. She stated, “The 4K for Cancer has provided me with an amazing opportunity and I am excited to be able to help other people that are around the same age as me. I think it is very common for my peers to take advantage of what we have. We do not really cherish how fortunate we are until what we have is gone. The people that I will meet along this journey are fighting a battle against themselves and I only hope that I can do something that can motivate them to keep fighting.”

Ludwigsen decided to apply for the 4K for Cancer Run Across America after a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. “My friend is 21 years old and a basketball player for a college back home. It was a shock to see him go from running circles around me on the court to sitting in bed barely having the energy to move. It was heartbreaking. His courage and strength to fight has motivated me to participate in the 4K for Cancer,” she said.

To learn more about 4k for Cancer Run Across America, go to Information about the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults can be found at Donations to Kelsi Ludwigsen’s fund can be made by going to her profile at and clicking on the “Give Now” button on the right side of the page. Checks can be sent to 4K for Cancer, 921 E. Fort Avenue, Suite 325, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Please include your email and the name of the runner to whom you are making the donation.