Felician College Graduate Students Study Abroad in Ireland

The graduate programs of the Felician College School of Business & Management Sciences were specifically designed to provide students with business content knowledge and leadership skills for the 21st century. Students graduating from these programs are taught the ability to make better business decisions and work with diverse teams to achieve results. One way the faculty at Felician College is fulfilling this mission is by providing their students the opportunity to study abroad.

This summer, Felician College graduate students earned credits toward graduation by participating in an intense three-credit course held at All Hallows College in Dublin, Ireland. The Felician students worked side-by-side with All Hallows students as they covered several topics, including Policy Design and Analysis, Leadership and Management, Strategic Planning, and Social Enterprise. Eighteen Felician College students from the Master of Business Administration in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Master of Science in Healthcare Management Administration programs attended the one-week course.

Michael Omansky, Felician College Associate Professor of Business, developed the course in consultation with Professor Brian Carroll from All Hallows College to address the issues of social enterprise in a way that would meet the course requirements of both schools. Omansky said, “One of the objectives of the program is to teach our students how to think creatively, innovate and adapt to changing markets. In Ireland, there are about 55,000 social enterprise businesses. The students broke into teams containing both American and Irish students and visited several of these businesses to see first-hand what works and what doesn’t. The goal of the students was to devise a viable business and marketing plan that was presented to the entire group on Friday. The models were real and included both Irish and American initiated projects.”

The study abroad program to Ireland has been very successful with the Felician College graduate students. Plans are already underway to return to Ireland again next year and many of the students have already expressed an interest in returning. Although the course is rigorous, the students still find time to enjoy themselves. “The course ends on Friday, so most students take all day on Saturday for sightseeing and then fly home on Sunday. In essence, it is a working vacation for them,” said Omansky.

To learn more about the graduate programs at the Felician College School of Business & Management Sciences, visit the college website at felician.edu or contact the Office of Admissions at 201-355-1465.