Felician Adds Online Options for Two Adult Degree Completion Programs

Felician College is pleased to announce the addition of a fully online option for two of our adult-oriented degree completion programs.  Beginning fall 2012, students with associate degrees can study criminal justice and information assurance and security online to earn a bachelor’s degree.

At Felician, we are very aware of the pressures on adult students.  In response, we have designed bachelor completion programs that provide support in just those areas that are most challenging for people working to advance their education while attending to a career, caring for a family, and upholding the many other commitments of a busy life.  Our adult programs offer advantages such as shortened term lengths, tuition at a rate that is 30% lower than the rate for traditional undergraduate programs, and the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years.

Now, with the introduction of two fully online options to complete degree programs, we have opened up a whole new realm of advantage for adult students.  Online course delivery maximizes flexibility, allowing students to complete their coursework at the hours and locations that make the most sense for their schedule and freeing them from the pressures of commuting to class.

Information assurance and security is a rapidly growing sector within the employment market as electronic storage of sensitive data increases globally.  At Felician, our online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with Concurrent Certification in Information Assurance and Security – Fast Track Option program helps students prepare to meet the evolving challenges in the realm of information security by building crucial knowledge and information through our hands-on approach and specially designed laboratory practices.  Students emerge from the program with the experience and entrepreneurial spirit needed to maintain a position in front of threats, protecting data and identifying breaches of security within corporations or government agencies.

The creation of the Department of Homeland Security and its requirement of ongoing agency integration in the service of counter-terrorism at the community, state, and federal level has ensured that criminal justice is another field that continues to enjoy a high growth rate for years to come.  Felician College’s online Bachelor Completion in Criminal Justice program prepares students for law school, graduate school, or a career in the administration of criminal justice.  Our program focuses on restorative justice, an approach to crime response that attempts to involve all stakeholders in repairing harm, and works to transform the relationship between government and communities to preserve order and maintain peace.

The College is excited to offer the new opportunities made possible by the online delivery of these two adult degree options, and is currently developing more fully online degree options for adult students.