Wei Shi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Field of Interest

Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Targeted Drug Delivery. Synthesize asymmetric functional curcumin derivatives for anticancer, and anti-Alzheimer's disease (AD) activity. Drug design based on natural products activity.  Synthesis and characterization of manganese complexes to study light-induced multistep oxidation on artificial photosynthesis by EPR, electrochemistry, and UV-vis spectra. , I also maintain a collaborative research effort with Dr. Krishnaswami Raja (College of Staten Island, CUNY).  Our latest project is on “The Synthesis of a Water/Plasma Soluble, Non-Cytotoxic, ‘Clicked’ Sugar-Derivative of Curcumin with Amplified Bio-Efficacy in Modulating Amyloid-b and Tau Peptide Aggregation”.

Courses Taught at Felician College

CHEM-105 Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 403 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 404 Physical Chemistry I
PHYS-103 General Physics I
PHYS-104 General Physics II


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Office Location:
Kirby Hall 124
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6289


Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Science (2003)
M.S., Shandong University (2000)
B.S., Shandong University (1995)

Positions Held

Felician College, Assistant Professor (2010-present)
College of Staten Island, CUNY, Post Doctoral Fellow (2006-2010)
Uppsala University, Post Doctoral Fellow ( 2003-2005)