Robert Michael Clark, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

I grew up in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, known by the UPers as "God's Country". My doctorate was received from Boston College in 1994 with a dissertation on a theology of peace in the thought of the Canadian Jesuit, Bernard Lonergan. Besides being an avid reader, I enjoy riding my bike and wandering around Gotham City. My other important, though no less relevant, passion is that I am an avid Detroit sports fan: Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings!

Field of Interest

My research interest is in the intelligibility of nonviolence in our world.  I study broadly in the political, military, psychological, theological and philosophical worlds attempting to understand the appeal of violence, the “nature” of people as basically violent or not and how the patterns of nonviolence emerge and make sense in seemingly irrational contexts. More recently and more concretely, the “occupy movement” as prophetic in American culture (and globally) has emerged on the scene to challenge the inequalities of the current financial and economic system.    This nonviolent movement from the grassroots of the unemployed and marginalized peoples is a response to the powerlessness that so many experience in contemporary America.  In Bernard Lonergan’s essay “Healing and Creating in History,” he discusses Barnet and Muller’s Global Reach: The Power of Multinational Corporations (1974) and the overall impact on national economies due to the globalization process led by transnational corporations.  My most immediate research has been on trying to understand Lonergan’s explanatory account of economics and how Barnet and Muller’s book informs and fits into his analysis. 

Courses Taught at Felician College

Core 400-Franciscan vision
RELS 102 Intro to First Testament
RELS103 Intro to Second Testament
RELS104 intro to Basic themes in Theology
RELS105 Exploring Contemporary Moral Issues
RELS201 Jesus Past, Present and Future
RELS306 Peace, Justice and Contemporary Social Issues


Byway of the Cross: The Early Lonergan and Political Order
Lonergan Workshop. Vol.12 Boston College Press. 1996.
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Kirby Hall Room 317
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(201) 559-6041
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PhD Systematic Theology, Boston College (1994)
MA Religious Studies, the University of Detroit (1980)
MA Pastoral Theology, St. Johns Seminary (1980)
BA St. Francis de Sales College (1977)

Positions Held

Associate Professor of Religious Studies-Felician College NJ (2011-Present)
Associate Professor of Religion-Lane College TN (2008-2009)
Religion Editor at "Saturday Evening Post" in Indianapolis (2007-2008)
Associate Professor of Theology -Marian College IN (1991-2006)