Robert Ingoglia, Ph.D. Professor of History

Field of Interest

Medieval Church History
Western Military History

Courses Taught at Felician College

CORE 200 Culture and Diversity
FYE 100 Freshman Year Experience I
FYE 101 Freshman Year Experience II
HIST 101 Ancient Societies through the Middle Ages
HIST 102 Renaissance, Reformation, French Revolution
HIST 103 Age of Nationalism
HIST 120 African American History
HIST 130 The Enlightenment
HIST 164 Russian Revolution
HIST 165 Fascism
HIST 170 World War II in Europe
HIST 300 Medieval Times (developed for College)
HIST 330 Select Topics: The English Middle Ages
HIST 350 Classics in Western Military Thought (developed, never taught)
HIST 420 The Renaissance
HIST 440 Historiography and Historical Methods
HIST 450 Senior Seminar in History
LT 101 Latin I (developed for College)
LT 102 Latin II (developed for College)
MS 200 Introduction to Medieval Studies (co-developed for College)
RELS 508 History and Heritage of the Catholic Church
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
SOC 315 Terrorism and Political Violence


“The Kissing of the Pope’s Knee: Prehistory and Medieval Liturgical Practica of a Little Known Gesture.”
Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft 38/39 (1996-1997): 251-272.
“A Brief Note on the Supposed Connection Between the Imperial Knee-Kiss and the Segmenta.”
Byzantion: Revue Internationale des Études Byzantines 67 (1997): 554-557.
“‘I Have Neither Silver Nor Gold:’ An Explanation of a Medieval Papal Ritual.”
Catholic Historical Review 85 (1999): 531-540.
Over 55 reviews of books and Internet Sites published in the American Library Association’s Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries [June 1996 – present]
Office Location:
Kirby Hall 215
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6135


M.A., Ph.D., City University of New York
B.A., William Paterson University

Positions Held

Felician College, Assistant Professor to Professor (2010-present)
Felician College, Adjunct Professor (1995-2000)
CUNY Graduate School, Research Assistant, History Department (1987-1992)