Richard Burnor, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy

Field of Interest

My graduate education focused upon the Philosophy of Science, Logic, and Metaphysics; my special interests in my earlier publications were in philosophical analyses of probability and in the philosophy of time.  More recently, I have worked in philosophy of religion and in theoretical and practical ethics. Much of that work is reflected in Ethical Choices: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy with Cases, co-authored with Dr. Yvonne Raley (Oxford U. Press 2011).

Courses Taught at Felician College

B.A. level:

PH 100 Critical Reasoning
PH 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PH 200 Philosophical Foundations of Education
PH 203 Philosophy of Religion
PH 204 Philosophy of Technology
PH 206 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PH 211 Symbolic Logic
PH 301 General Ethics
PH 302 Metaphysics: Being and Reality
PH 304 Theories of Knowledge
PH 308 Business Ethics
PH/PSYC 390 Systems and Concepts of Psychology
PH 450 Senior Seminar
FYE100HON Freshman Year Experience
FYE101HON Freshman Year Experience
CO 250 Applied Ethical Reasoning (and Honors sections)
CO 350 Applied Ethical Reasoning
NURS 380 Ethical/Legal Dimensions of Nursing

M.A. level:

EDU 530MS Philosophy for the Teacher as Leader
MBA/ENT 530 Organizational Performance & Ethics
NURS 550 Ethics, Human Diversity and Social Issues


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Office Location:
Kirby Hall 412
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6143
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Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Arizona, 1985
M.A. University of Arizona, 1978
B.S. Bucknell University, 1974

Positions Held

Felician College - Professor, 2006 - present
Felician College - Associate Professor, 2001 - 2006
Felician College - Assistant Professor, 1997 - 2001
The University of Toledo - Part-time Instructor - Winter, Spring 1997
The University of Toledo - Visiting Scholar - Fall 1996
Washtenaw Community College - Part-time Instructor - Fall 1996
The University of Toledo - Visiting Assistant Professor 1993 - 1996
Towson State University - Assistant Professor, 1986 1993
University of Wyoming - Assistant Visiting Professor, 1985 1986
University of Wyoming - Supply Lecturer, 1984 1985
University of Arizona - Lecturer, 1983 - 1984
University of Arizona - Teaching Assistant, 1974 - 1977